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[Indigo Team MEP] Midnight Paradise AMV (Japan Expo 2018)

on Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:20 pm

Hello everyone!
We are finally happy to present to you our AMV for Japan Expo!
In this MEP we wanted to show what we thought when we heard the phrase "Midnight Paradise".
You might wonder "Japan Expo was in July, why did you wait 2 months to upload?".
That's because we didn't have an outro and kept believing that we will have one soon.
Thus 2 months passed.

Song: MONDO GROSSO / ラビリンス
Outro Song: Sickick - Love Thing
Track 1: Buggy
Track 2: Bimyou (Guest)
Track 3: Arrow
Track 4: Kazumoe
Track 5: UnluckyArtist
Track 6: Hikikomori
Track 7: Kitan
Track 8: Spike
Thumbnail: SonNeiko


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