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 [Psyche/Horror] Juicalicious Niblets - Carousel

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PostSubject: [Psyche/Horror] Juicalicious Niblets - Carousel   Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:43 am

This was my first AMV. Editing my first AMV in an IC was a bad idea. Too stressful, and even though I hit the time minimum I feel like I didn't come close to finishing. Also, I had finals beforehand so I wasn't able to get familiar with After Effects. So I just didn't use it, and made the whole AMV in Vegas. I regret that.

Well, now that this whole thing is over, I'm not too happy with the outcome but I am glad that I got a lot of experience for what an IC feels like. Hopefully another IC pops up at a good time for me to join in, and I can go in ready. This was fun.
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[Psyche/Horror] Juicalicious Niblets - Carousel
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