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Hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:54 pm
Greetings everyone ^^

× Name: Amel

× Age: 21

× Gender: Female

× Country: Tunisia

× Username: Hiromin

× Old Username: ElpIDa

I recently changed it because the uppercase “ID” part has always bugged me xD And Hiromi was my username in a certain roleplay forum (Hiromin being my nickname), I went with Hiromin because a few months ago, I found there was another AMV channel whose name was also Hiromi (What kind of coincidence is that?! Fukou da… Sad My Hiromi channel was made before the other one though :/ )

I notice there are Greek members here so I’ll explain further. Actually Elpida is literally a translation of my real name to Greek xD Amel means Hope in Arabic xD So even now, I’m glad I changed it. Who ever even wants their username to be another form of their rl name? XD

× Hobbies:
So I actually like a bunch of things.
• Above everything else, I like to read, mainly in English. I read different kinds of books, Light Novels, Visual Novels, Mangas, and sometimes other books too, fiction and non fiction.
• I also enjoy writing stuff, though I’ve never published books or anything xD
• Obviously I watch anime.
• I like editing AMVs (mostly in summer only however, due to a lack of free time Sad #medsstudentproblems).
• Occasionally I make graphs too but I’m still learning photoshop basics.
• I play video games, most of the time on PC/Steam, sometimes on the Nintendo DS (no, not 3DS, I don’t have one Sad )
• I often draw too, but just drafts.

× Passions:
Uh… I covered most of my passions are my hobbies so... I’ll just add a couple of things that I love as much as the mentioned above but aren’t really hobbies.
• I am learning programming at the moment, I started with Python. I’m self-taught though, because, obviously, med school doesn’t really teach programming lol xD (If it did, school would be much more fun :/ )
• I also recently started to get into seeing cameras (mainly fan of DSLRs and Mirrorless) and comparing their specs and all.

Unless you meant by passions what I am passionate to do in the future in terms of projects/carreer, etc…?
In that case, I want to start an anime youtube channel and grow it into a full-fledged business, while creating my own LNs and VNs and other kinds of entertainments like games/animations/music.

Actually someone please explain to me what the difference between a hobby and a passion exactly is xD

× Favorite Animes:
I noticed you didn’t include this section in your presentation sample, so I’ll add it myself Razz As I like LNs and VNs as much as Animes and Mangas, I’ll mention them too~

√ Favorite LNs:
Rokka no Yuusha
Spice & Wolf
To Aru Majutsu no Index
Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village

√ Favorite VNs:
Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ (Gotta see more of those Key VNs >< )

√ Favorite Mangas:
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Akatsuki no Yona
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
One Piece
Space Brothers
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

√ Favorite Animes:
Code Geass
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

× PC Specs:
Uwaaaah, I forgot... Surprised A sec I’ll go check xD
*After checking the specs*
Here they are Smile
CPU: i7-4500U ~1.8 GHz
Graphic Card: NVidia GeForce GT 720M

× My Youtube Channel:

× Why do you make AMVs:
Hmmm. I really like everything that allows me to express myself and convey my message. AMVs are one of the medium I’d like to use, just like writing and drawing, and occasionally music. I love all what is creative and artistic in nature. So I want to improve my skills as to allow me to have enough mastery of this art to be able to use it efficiently to tell my stories. I have so many AMV ideas in my mind that I want to put out to the world to see one day.

× How did you hear about the forum:
From AMV France’s list of AMV Teams. The list is on their forum xD

× Other:
• Guys, I actually noticed these two AMVs on your channel.
These AMVs:

Both are Draga’s…
I never knew! Surprised (Or maybe he did tell me and I forgot, dunno, my memory is bad lol xD )
But why don’t I find him anywhere on your forum or the team members list? Did he maybe leave the team? Or was he just a guest in those 2 AMVs or something? xD

• Oh btw, I’m a staff member in AMV Tunisia, just like Draga xD So I yeah I know him personally and wasn’t just being nosy Razz

So, really nice to meet you everyone! cheers I hope I'll have a good time here ^^

I actually follow some of you on twitter (& some of you follow me back) but we never talked, so, here I am xD Officially saying Hi and introducing myself for the first time xD
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Re: Hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

on Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:39 am
Holy fuck thats detailed, i dont know from where to start lol
i think that elpida is a way cooler name than hiromin, maybe it's cause i'm greek Razz
reading is a cool hobby, i've started reading the past year a lot (but the past months i havent really read a lot cause i preferred spending my time editing).
You could add me on steam, as i see that you play games, it's "CrimsonRequiem".
i really want to get into photography (and programming, but too lazy), so when i have money for a camera i will ask for your advise on what to buy hahaha
You have some interesting goals regarding future projects, that's neat.
didnt know they have included our forum in amvfrance, cool
Hobbies are activities that you like to do. A hobby can be anything, as long as you like to do it. One persons hobby may seem like a chore to another person. Beyond a hobby an activity can become a passion. Passions are activities that you love to do. A passion contributes more to your intellectual wealth that a hobby done for the same amount of time. This is because your desire for a passion is much stronger. There can be some overlap between hobbies and passions. What separates them is that you usually want to do the passion more strongly and are usually much better than the average in doing it. For example, as i said before i like reading, but i put amv editing above it. So, reading is a hobby of mine and amv editing is a passion of mine.
About draga, it was when he was in denial and didnt want to edit. We tried getting him back at editing buuuuuuuuuuut, yes.
I hope i didnt miss anything haha, welcome to the forum! : D


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Re: Hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

on Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:25 am
yooooo amel welcome here! elpida is a damn cool name but i prefer hiromin even though iam greek
Smile)) so, u are propably the one of the first ones that i meet and have watched spice and wolf, insta <333333
about amvs: iam pretty much the same, no much time except summer
sooooo enjoy urself ^^
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Re: Hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

on Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:01 pm
@Lightning Arrow
Woah a detailed reply too! I didn't expect this xD

Ahahaha xD Well I do love to write afterall~ So I tend to write walls of text quite often lol xDD

Probably because you're Greek xD But imo, Elpida does sound more professional while Hiromin is cute. On the other hand, Hiromin sounds more familiar to most anime fans (cuz japanese Razz), but explaining to people the origin of Elpida as a usename (like when they ask why this username?) and especially getting them to understand how it's pronounced is a paaaaaaain >< So yeah less work to do for me with Hiromin as a username Razz Plus I'm rather addicted to smileys and my writing is rather cheerful (if the excess of "xD" and "^^" in my replies is not enough of an indicator xD) so a cuter username fits me more than a serious one I think Razz

Alright I will! Thanks! ^^ I'm Hiromin on Steam too xD

Oh that's nice! Very Happy Good luck! ^^ Personally I'm more interested in Videography than photography~ And sure you're welcole to ask~ I'll do my best to help xD But hey I'm no professional! >< Just a fan trying to learn more about cameras xD


Reborn was one of the first anime I watched when I was starting to like anime more than "just cartoons on TV" xD That was around 2010 I think. And it's one of the first I watch online, and in jap dub/eng sub. I remember we had only one PC at home so mu brother and I used to watch it together xD And back then we didn't know any good anime streaming website (the ones we knew had horrible quality), (and obviously we've never heard of torrenting lol), and youtube was still banned in Tunisia back then, so we'd watch KHR on rutube lol xD Haaah, so many childhood memories xD

Oooooh I seeeee xD Then it'll be like this:
Graphs, Gaming, Drawing, Programming (This one I think I'll like it more once I get better at it xD), Seeing cameras
Reading, Writing, Anime, AMVs

Ah, gotcha xD That's nice of you guys to try and encourage him, thank you everyone ^^

Yep no misses, and thanks for the welcome! Very Happy


Oh yaaay! You're also a spice&wolf fan! *-* Cooooool!! Same here haha insta <3 Have you read the LN too? It's a masterpiece!

Ah I see xD

And thanks! ^^
Galactic Overlord
Galactic Overlord
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Re: Hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

on Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:07 pm
Youtube was banned? Wtf


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Re: Hiiiiiiiiiiii ^^

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