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Kofuku No Akuma Empty Kofuku No Akuma

on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:39 am
Kofuku No Akuma 1499638793-bann-hakuclipje
thnx Gasai Very Happy
hello folks it's been indeed quite sometime since i've posted something in here Very Happy , so here's my JE vid for this year which i'm really proud of having 11th place in it yaay Very Happy , it took from me quite a long time to make (1 year more or less ) , it's all about a "demon who bring happiness for whoever needs it the most" , so i have choose & to make his appearance obvious i wanted to try doing so by showing how he'll affect on the others personalities & for that fact i chosen Shiki as the person he pursue , & to achieve that i tried my very best to realize this concept in a proper way (the reason why i dropped making it for both online contest & akross con haha xD) , to be honest the entry was supposed to be called Sakura No Kyoto first of all , but due to the fact that there's someone who was stalking that i have changed it to "eastern myth" , & later to Kofuku No Akuma which means "the demon of happiness" ( & yeah it's another japanese wannabe like name haha xDD ) ,  also i have indeed learned a lot of things to make my edit looks pretty much better on both editing & fx term & for that fact i would gladly thank everyone who helped me to make this vid finally done & specially Noormuda , Amanystya , Echotrooper & MagicDarkLight for being so patient with my slow advance in this project & for their precious feedbacks & Gasai for this awesome thumbnail Very Happy so i hope u guys will enjoy watching my entry (despite the fact that i still have some issues i discovered after rendering lol xDD) & i hope i'll do a much better stuff next time Smile
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Kofuku No Akuma Empty Re: Kofuku No Akuma

on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:36 am
yooooo.Gonna leave my opinion here:
Generally iam not sure i liked the plot, was kinda swallow and kinda reminded me the classic love story fo human and demon haha,my biggest problem about the plot is that nothing really happened,like she just travelled worlds became queen and thats it, of course not all amvs with plot have to be perfectly innovative and deep.I think little things could be considered as "mistakes" in this vid, 2 to be exact:
1.The flashes at 0:23. they were too strong and i dont think u have to hit all beats, if u wanted to hit those then some internal sync would have fit perfectly there, but that would mean u would need more scenes
2.the twixtor at 2:00. it surely reminds me of when i tried using twixtor for first time xD
even though there really isnt solid lyric sync on ur vid i like how the song is connected with the scenes u used.
Its pretty nice seeing that u got better since ur lvl up, keep it up!
and congratz about ranking
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