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EtoJe IRON CHEF #2: Brawl Empty EtoJe IRON CHEF #2: Brawl

on Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:13 pm

EtoJe IRON CHEF #2: Brawl

EtoJe IRON CHEF #2: Brawl ZD9uk

The IC begins on Friday 13.07.2018 [00:00] (GMT +3) and end on Sunday 15.07.2018 [23:59]  (72 hour)
(packs will be available on our YouTube and Discord channels on Friday 12.07.2018 [22:00] (GMT +3)
Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/EwRgBBm

You can register at IC in comments (youtube promo) or on Discord (SpitFire#8114)

Form SOLO:
your nickname

your nickname & friend's nickname

Form MEP:
name of all participants or just a name of your team

1 Place - 1 Winner (50$)
Impress us and you have a chance to double your earnings, sponsored by the Focused Production.

We also have category "Best Poster", you can get extra points, if you have nice poster

- Minimum for solo AMV is 1:40 and for Collab/Mep is 2:00 (Not counting Intro/Outro)
- File size should be as small as possible and below 300 MBs.
- Use only music provided in the Music pack.
- When you finish your amv send it to ledsfain@gmail.com or Discord - SpitFire #8114
- You can upload the work on any file hosting.
- Email subject and video file name should be as follows:
Category - [Editor's name] -Title

-Angry Smile

Promo by Fury: https://goo.gl/VJ99Qt
Poster by Fury: https://goo.gl/VJ99Qt
Focused Twitter: https://twitter.com/thefocusedprod
Focused YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9RO8ooLp9Q7WkBJZLCKxA

Questions? (Discord - SpitFire #8114)
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