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[last time-AMV] SLEY  & SXD Empty [last time-AMV] SLEY & SXD

on Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:49 pm
Hello everyone, here is our small collab has SXD and me Specially based on sports animes we wanted to make a clip kind I WILL SHOW YOU but it was too hard so we decided to do something calm and cleaner than possible despite the small pressure with the studies and all that goes with we had to take a break; But then two months later it is finally finished but seen that SXD is null also it was not obvious.In the end it was pleasant
To realize, but a little disappointed not to have made new story stuff
To improve the clip.
If you have any remarks to make go there !!
Thank you

ANIMES: Free,One out,Prince of tennis,All out,Hahikyuu,Kuroko basket,Yowamushi pedal
MUSIC: From Ashes To New FT Deuce - LAST TIME

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[last time-AMV] SLEY  & SXD Empty Re: [last time-AMV] SLEY & SXD

on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:14 am
i have quite a lot to say but since its late and iam kinda sleepy i will keep it short, some transitions and some fx feeled really sharp, i mean they needed to be more smooth. The text wasnt too nice, the other times were "kinda" ok, but at 0:42 the text standed out in a bad way. also not going into many details i will just say that some fragments felt really off sync, i'd suggest u both work on sync,flow,mood, and yeah the basics overall. Other than that, i liked some moments, especially the free part. its ok not being overly flashy, pure raw is nice too
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[last time-AMV] SLEY  & SXD Empty Re: [last time-AMV] SLEY & SXD

on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:38 am
Thx for the comment luci, sure we're going to improve after those critics
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[last time-AMV] SLEY  & SXD Empty Re: [last time-AMV] SLEY & SXD

on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:46 pm
Hello guys! I have a lot of things to say for this clip but i will try to keep short. First of i see that your kind of improving which is a good thing of course. The most common advice i give to people is to listen to the song a number of times so that they can understand it and then, if you are using vegas, go find each beat and mark it by pressing "M" on the keyboard. This will give you a clear understanding on what you will have to in order to hit those beats and achieve a decent sync. Also i noticed that you slow down a number of clips a lot, making them look "laggy". When you slow down a clip, vegas doesnt create new frames but it makes each frame's duration longer, having as a result a not so smooth scene. Regarding the anime choice, i think that free didnt really, or at least some of the scenes you used didnt (for example 0:06 is way too "happy"), some of the scene you used fit tho, so kudos for that. There are some nice transition here and there, but the biggest problem is the sync, pay more attention to the beats and try to hit them.
Keep it up! Smile


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[last time-AMV] SLEY  & SXD Empty Re: [last time-AMV] SLEY & SXD

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