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(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC Empty (Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC

on Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:49 am
(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC 740oDFq
Special thanks to my bro Katsuki for making this beautiful banner !

Part 1 (0:00 - 0:42): Yunowhy - Overlord, Various
Part 2 (0:42 - 1:24): iYoshiKun - Re:Zero
Part 3 (1:24 - 1:46): Yunowhy - Overlord, Various
Part 4 (1:46 - 2:12): iYoshiKun - Re:Zero
Outro: iYoshiKun

Song: Nero - Satisfy
Outro song: Tha Trickaz x Creaky Jackals - OG Purp
Program: Sony Vegas Pro, After Effects

DL: https://mega.nz/#!Y9tHVSgI!OGG7Hfy_naBx2ceBq25yJbp-zmNEB9o7XiTMV7eWnt0


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(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC Empty Re: (Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC

on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:42 pm
First 40 seconds mood is on point. My problem with those seconds is that while the song is super chill there are moments that a lot of things happen. For example, there is a zoom at 0:15 that isnt synced to any beat (cause there isn't), there is a moment, in which you have 3 consecutive scenes, with glitch, that last 1 second. It's overkill. Also i dont think what you did at 0:44 is a good way to enter a different part of the song, especially when you are using the exact scene you were before the song changed.
Now for the action. It was okay,it was missing flow at moments and the cc really destroyed it. Tip: Never transition from inverted scene to non-inverted, cause you have this ugly grey thingy

(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC F87b7210
Overall it's a cool video with nice atmosphere, good job!


(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC 1477220804-141-signa-arrow

(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC 16102301353214724814575598

(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC Signat12

(Action) [iYoshiKun&Yunowhy] SΛDISTIC Signat10

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