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on Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:51 pm
HakuRyuu wrote:
AMV TUNISIA IC : FROZEN ELISYUM 1519926744-amv-tunisia-ic-1

Welcome to the first edition of AMV Tunisia Iron Chef contest , the codename of this edition is Frozen Elisyum

Dates :
EST : From March 22nd (4:00 pm EST) - 25th (7:59 pm EST)
GMT : From March 22nd (8:00 pm GMT+0) - 25th (11:59 pm GMT+0)


AMV TUNISIA IC : FROZEN ELISYUM 1519926766-avatar-eden-2017-hakuryuu AMV TUNISIA IC : FROZEN ELISYUM 1519926768-avatar-eden-2017-didi-2-n AMV TUNISIA IC : FROZEN ELISYUM 1519997695-result AMV TUNISIA IC : FROZEN ELISYUM 1519997694-1519926770-sagiki-1-convertimage


Because the IC is anonymous please follow these rules very carefully :
+ you can send your entries on the #IC_submission channel on AMV Tunisia discord server which will be received by Mafstar & then he'll send the entries to us the judges ,do not forget to make sure that your entries contains no clue about who you guys are , you cannot put your names on the video file nor in the video as well , no intros or outros of yourselves or your teams , if any of these things will be spotted it will lead the participant to an immediate disqualification
publishing your entries before the results will also lead you to an immediate disqualification so please guys be careful Smile


You're only allowed to pick songs from the packs that were given by the judges.
- The Songs Packs will be given in March 22nd (8:00 pm GMT+0)
-  When the contest start, music packs will be available to you and you'll have to choose a song to edit in the category in which you participate. (E.G : you cannot edit drama on a song from the action pack)
- The minimum length is 1min30 for SOLO, and 2min for GROUPS
- Recommended formats are : MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV.
- The maximum file size is 300 MB.

The results will goes in this matter : Overall ranking - Best solo - Best team - Best action - Best drama/romance - Best Dance - Best Fun/Comedy - Best Horror/Psyche - Favorite entry by each judge

We wish you all the best now & we'll be looking forward to see who will be on top of everyone Very Happy

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