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[dynamo] Center of it - Desert Trials IC Empty [dynamo] Center of it - Desert Trials IC

on Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:21 pm
Hello guys this is my entry for the Drama - Romance Category in Desert Trials IC.

click here

Looking forward for your opinions and advices and thanks for watching.
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[dynamo] Center of it - Desert Trials IC Empty Re: [dynamo] Center of it - Desert Trials IC

on Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:39 am
It's not bad overall, but you did go too hard on the colors which is a bad thing and you'd want to lower it down a bit. At around 0:13 - 0:15 I didn't like the cuts there; Should have just had two scenes and remove that scene with the girl in the orange hair so it can fit better because it just looks very static to me. The flare implantation at 0:16 was very unnatural, especially when it's an indoor scene transitioning into an outdoor scene. I'd just get some kind of leaf transition and import it there then add a slight flare to give the sunny effect coming in. At 0:17 - 0:20 you have a cut where the girl with the orange hair and the black haired girl are chatting in some type of cafe or something; You have it to where the orange-hair girl is outside and the other one isn't then you cut to where they both are clearly indoor. What you could have done here was mask out her background and import one to match the next scene so it doesn't throw the viewer off. At 0:56 - 1:03 I feel that you could have achieved the affect with another scene, but this one works "ok" imo, I have never seen the anime before so I can't be exact in that scene other than it just feels too static for me.

In the end from the beginning up til 1:04 the pacing seems really slow and doesn't change nor does it give that impactful feeling that it should have gave. At 0:30 I feel that you could have sped up the pacing a tad bit then slow it down completely at 0:47.

Those were the main points that threw me out of interest and from 1:04 to the end were the best parts of it tbh. Overall good job! It's a nice change from you~
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